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A global NFT community of crypto and sports enthusiasts reimagining ownership of sports organizations.


Fans deserve a voice.

The first ballgame, Pitz, was played by the Mayans around 2500 BCE. The Chinese are believed to have played sports as early as 2000 BCE. Sports and competition have been a part of our DNA for countless generations—and we've made technological advances that leave audiences dumbfounded. Fans, unfortunately, can enjoy the activities but have very little say in what goes on with these teams and sporting events they invest in annually. This is one crucial fact that has yet to be addressed until now with the FanCentric movement.

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if you build it, they will come



If you're a sports fan, you know that the best part of being a fan is getting to participate.

That's why we created FanCentric NFTs: a community of sports fans who are given the opportunity to get access to exclusive experiences with their favorite teams, and then trade their tokens for fractional ownership in those teams.

We've built this platform for all kinds of sports fans—not just the ones who can afford to buy tickets or pay for season tickets. With our system, anyone can be part of their favorite team community and earn rewards that they can use to show off their fandom.

We are a sports technology company that believes in the power of sports. We believe that sports can change the world, and we believe in the power of FanCentric Team Tokens to help us do it.

FanCentric Team Tokens are a revolutionary new way for fans to get involved with their favorite teams. They give fans the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise, tickets, access to exclusive events and more—all with real money from real fans!


FanCentric is on a mission to own the world's greatest professional sports organizations. We will work with private investors and other established entities to source deals and ensure an authentic fan experience. Along the way, we're building a passionate community, delivering exclusive member benefits, and having a lot of fun.

We're building a one of a kind sports DAO —one that's for the fans. Our goal is to create a world where fans can truly have a voice when it comes to their favorite teams. We'll do this by identifying promising opportunities in professional sports and other sports related entities while ensuring an authentic fan experience.

We are using blockchain, smart contracts, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), other digital assets, and special tooling to create a democratic ownership group under the 73 Holdings LLC umbrella which will represent the fans in team ownership structures.

OUR vision