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✓ Community Certificate

✓ 20% discount on merchandise concessions

✓ Priority Season Ticket Placement

✓ Season tickets at that value

✓ Access to Token/Shareholders Annual Meeting

Game Day Level NFT


FanCentric Team Tokens are the official digital currency of the FanCentric DAO. They represent an investment in the loyalty program for teams and fans alike, providing you with a host of amazing perks that you would otherwise never be able to experience. FanCentric Team Tokens are finite, digital assets. Holding Team Tokens gives you the right to vote on official team polls that help your team make fan-related decisions. You also benefit from a host of amazing perks, exclusive promotions, rewards, and more! 

Here is how it works:

The FanCentric DAO has a number of NFT levels within our community that benefit our members. You are able to purchase each Team Token for $1 USD and gradually work your way up to the highest NFT level or go for the gusto out of the gates. Once you find an NFT level that you like you will be able to purchase that NFT with your Team Tokens. 

That's it it's just that simple.

FanCentric DAO NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are digital assets that represent a transaction or relationship between two parties. These transactions or relationships are recorded on our distributed ledger. In the case of sports, these NFTs allow users to purchase special access to the teams within our ecosystem giving them advantages over those who are not invested in their team.


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