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Fancentric Frenzy

The FanCentric Frenzy of the American Football Legends League AFLL is one of FanCentric's fan ownership ecosystem sports platforms. When our strategic partner, Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports, created the AFLL, the first-ever professional Legends Fantasy Football NFT League attached to the actual players, the stage was set for FanCentrics involvement.

The FanCentric Frenzy is owned by FanCentric's founder and CEO, former NFL player Garrick Jones. It boasts 22 NFL Hall of Fame Players, 48 years of coaching experience, 18 years of front office experience, and 20 years of fantasy football expertise. The American Football Legends League (AFLL) is an NFT-based fantasy football innovation that will stream revenue back to the players who deserve it and gives the FAN who holds the NFT access to an exclusive token that has many benefits to the utility.

The AFLL is a high-stakes league with the world's best-simulated fantasy players coaching the Legends in this one-of-a-kind league.

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States Developmental Football League

The States Developmental Football League is now one of FanCentric's fan ownership ecosystem platforms. The SDFL differentiates itself from other football leagues by its 70/30 rule. 70% of the SDFL's focus is on education, personal development, business acumen, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, influencing, which leads to monetizing private brands, and community/economic development! The other 30% of the focus is on the physical aspects of gameplay which brings people from all ethnic backgrounds together for a common cause! The SDFL's focus is to give its athletes a league of their own. This league respects its athletes, allowing their athletes to take care of their families financially for life through FanCentric's NFT community model and blockchain technology… An actual education system, entrepreneurship, and the sport of football that teaches athletes life skills that will serve them well after the final whistle blows on their football careers!

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Rebelillion State

Our latest Fancentric property is Rebellion State of the Ultimate College Fantasy Football League UCFFL owned by FanCentric and NFL probowl running back and return specialist Eric MetCalf. Just another of many installments of FanCentric's fan ownership ecosystem sports platforms. This is college fantasy football at its finest!

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The FanCentric Professional Sports Incubator (FPSI)


It begins with our Fantasy Football movement based on the #AthleteTakeBack partnership of FanCentric and Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports. FanCentric leverages the various fantasy sports leagues UFFS has established with an emphasis on structuring our teams very similar to established professional sports teams.
An example of this would be the fantasy football sports properties that are already FanCentric assets mimic an NFL organization and its football operations organizational flow.  We strategically infuse individuals with professional front office experience to establish mentor-mentee relationships with those that are hand-picked to go through our FPSI.


The next step to the maturation of our FPSI participants is a promotion to our Developmental Sports Ecosystems for those that have shown exemplary leadership, understanding of our organizational concepts, and high levels of success in our controlled Fantasy Sports environment through UFFS. The States Developmental Football League is the first installment of what will be a multitude of entire leagues that will serve as feeder systems for the top-tier professional organizations that we look to acquire through our FanCentric DAO. 


Once the FanCentric DAO acquires professional teams we will then promote those individuals who have satisfied the requirements we feel are necessary to make key contributions to winning organizations that will make the FanCenttric DAO's community proud. This process is one that our community will love as you as a member benefit from a one-of-a-kind sports incubation system that will increase the FanCentric DAO'S bottom line.   

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